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Kuma comes back “home” to visit at 1 year old!

Meet Kuma! She’s a perfectly precious Sweetie Pie. I feel so lucky to have been able to find Kuma a perfect mommy — Zoe. Zoe had been looking for a perfect Sweetie Pie for quite some time before she found Sweetie Pie Pets. She came to meet baby Kuma in person and knew right away the were a perfect match. The look of pure love in Zoe’s eyes told it all, those two were meant to be together.

When Kuma got a little older and bigger (12 weeks to be exact) she went home with Zoe who promptly reported back that baby Zoe was exactly what she had hoped she would be. She had found her perfect Sweetie Pie!

One year later, Zoe decided it was time for Kuma to have a brother so she came back to visit again. This time she fell in love with little Luke.

While Zoe and got a chance to have some one on one time with little Luke, Zoe was kind enough to let me photograph her beautiful little Kuma. She was such a perfect angle and didn’t even mind that I put her in a little pink tutu (which I thought was way too precious)! I was so very happy to see that Kuma had grown up to be exactly as tiny and perfect as we had predicted. She weighs less than 2.5 pounds and is pretty much perfect in every way.

We think every person deserves to have their own perfect Sweetie Pie just like Zoe and Kuma do. Though, 2.5 pounds is a very delicate baby indeed so please don’t forget that a 5 pound Sweetie Pie is just as precious. That’s lighter than most newborn human babies! Amazing.

Kuma comes to visit

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